Remote & Automated Monitoring Systems

ALARA Savings Through Integrated Monitoring

BNI’s Remote Monitoring System (RMS) is a fully-integrated software, audio, video and communications system for remote, centralized and automated monitoring of radiological and project activities at power stations. Our team can custom design and fabricate solutions to meet requirements and ensures comprehensive customer support by providing professional installation, training and maintenance services.

BNI’s design philosophy focuses on using mainstream detectors, audio, video and networking products through direct arrangements with major suppliers (such as Telex, Pelco, Panasonic and ClearCom) to assure our customers maximum flexibility in modifying or expanding their systems.

Benefits of RMS implementation include:

  • Reduced dose
  • Increased radiological safety
  • Improved worker efficiency

Video Systems (Analog & IP/Network)

 The video system utilizes AXIS IP cameras, server-based distribution & recording and computer viewing stations. Video can be viewed through a browser-based camera control and viewing system.

Communication Systems (Analog & IP/Network)

The communications system also utilizes serve management transport over IP that integrates virtual desktop intercoms with wireless belt-packs for the response personnel to devices such as telephones, two-way pages, PDAs and speaker stations.

Data Monitoring

The RMS reads data from air activity, area, personnel, temperature and humidity monitors over the network and then distributes that data to the desktop, handheld computer or automatically notifies the responsible party. In addition to personnel and area monitoring, the system has the capacity of a survey mapping program.

Electronic Display

Electronic signs can be used with the RMS program to display dosimetric data or as a stand alone display for general information such as safety messages. Sign messages are controlled from an IBM-compatible computer or handheld. Super bright LED lights make it the perfect choice for communication.